Medical termination of pregnancy option

Medical Family Planning Medical abortion is a safe abortion procedure induced by medication rather than surgery.
No referrals are necessary.

Medical termination of pregnancy option

Medical Family Planning Medical abortion is a safe abortion procedure induced by medication rather than surgery. No referrals are necessary.

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The new Mifegymiso: Mifepristone and Misoprostol
is now available at our clinic.

We are the first accredited clinic in Ottawa to offer this medication.

This medication is now also covered by OHIP.

Mifegymiso: Mifepristone and Misoprostol is also used for non-viable pregnancies or spontaneous abortion (miscarriages).

Insights on Medication to Terminate Unplanned Pregnancies

Medical abortion is available up 10 weeks pregnant for the new Mifegymiso medication. The calculations are from the first day of their last period. If you are not sure how far along you are, or cannot remember the date of your last period, we can help you with an ultrasound exam to reliably determine the age of the pregnancy and its location. Once prescribed by our doctor, the medication is now covered by OHIP. This medication is provided by our doctor once we have received the blood work lab report and diagnostic imaging report.

How long does mifepristone stay in your system?
Following a distribution phase, elimination of mifepristone is slow at first (50% eliminated between 12 and 72 hours) and then becomes more rapid with a terminal elimination half-life of 18 hours.
Does abortion pain feel like labor pain?
Some women may experience moderate pain as a result of these uterine contractions. Every woman who has a medical abortion will respond differently. Some women describe the experience as being similar to having a heavy period and cramps. Others may experience more intense cramping
How long is recovery from abortion pill? You may feel tired for 1 or 2 days after, but you should be back to normal soon. You can go back to work, school, driving, and most other normal activities the next day if you feel up to it. But DON'T do hard work or heavy exercise for several days.

Many patients asked, "When can I get the pills?

Call to book your appointment and have your health card number ready to create your chart.

Prior to your visit we will send you for specific blood and urine testing to determine your blood type, hemoglobin, kidney and liver functions. You are also tested for STDs.

We will send you the requisition and also upload your requisition on the Dynacare or Lifelabs portals.

Your first visit to our clinic; you will be scheduled for a dating ultrasound appointment.

This dating ultrasound is to confirm the actual date of the pregnancy followed by a doctor’s consultation appointment to get your prescription.

Your doctor will consult with you and explain all your options and steps to take the medication. You will be given the prescription if your blood work results are compatible with the medications.

The medication is now covered by OHIP. Once the doctor has consulted with you and validated the compatibility of your blood lab results, he will give you the prescription.

You should not take this medication when alone, in case you need assistance to go to the emergency.

It is very important that you return to the clinic for your follow up visit to make sure that the abortion is complete.
You must adhere to any follow-up arrangements or appointments, as advised by your doctor.

We will also ask you to repeat your blood work lab 7-10 days after you took the medication.
A follow up appointment will be schedule for you in two weeks time.

Follow-up is very important so that your doctor can confirm that the termination of pregnancy is completed and exclude possible complications.

In the rare case that your medical abortion is incomplete, you may need to take an additional dose of Misoprostol.

If you are still pregnant when you return for your visit, you may need a surgical procedure. At this point, it is not feasible to continue with the pregnancy, as the medications would have affected the development of the fetus.

Success Rate of the Medication & Consequences, if Any

Your choice of medication determines your success rate; your health care provider will be the best person to inform you.

The new Mifegymiso's statistics indicate a successful at 98% up to 7 weeks and 95% up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

There is approximately a 2% - 4.8% chance that the course of treatment will not be fully effective, in which case you will need to have a surgical procedure to complete the abortion. If you have a continuing pregnancy and decide to keep the pregnancy, fetal malformations from the use of Mifegymiso or Mifepristone or Misoprostol may occur.

Less than 1% have complications such as serious infections or serious bleeding.


Side Effects

  • Weakness
  • Bleeding is usually a bit stronger and longer lasting than menstruation.
  • Complications are very rare: like infections.
  • Possibly cramps like pain, nausea.
  • Rarely: vomiting, diarrhea.
Medical Family Planning


  • Procedure is very fast, and complications are very rare.
  • New Monday clinics appointment will decrease the turnaround time, usually completed the same week. Appointments are also available during the week.
  • Can be performed very early, no anesthesia needed. The patient does not hand over the control over her body.
  • Patient is not visiting an abortion clinic. Our clinic also provides other women's health care services, keeping a higher level of confidentiality of services offered when making family planning a personal choice.
  • This medication does not affect future pregnancies.
  • The medication is now covered by OHIP.


  • Only possible up to the 10th week of pregnancy, which make it a time sensitive choice.
  • You may wait a little longer than a regular gynecologist appointment in the clinic's waiting room as each patient is giving time to understand every step of this medical pregnancy termination procedures. It is understandable that some patients may need extra time when they come to their first appointment.
  • The patient needs some time, and the treatment takes a couple of days ,stronger bleeding, possibly pain.
  • Patient cannot take this medication alone in case of severe pain or bleeding. Someone who can drive to the nearest hospital emergency department in case of complications must be with the patient.

We accept Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), DND, Interim Federal Health (IFH) and all provinces reciprocal health care coverage. We also accept (RAMQ) l'Assurance maladie du Québec coverage for medical appointments.
All Quebec patients are required to pay for the ultrasound studies cost at the time of services.
Patients can be reimbursed at the Quebec health care rates, by submitting to RAMQ.

If you do not have health care insurance, payments can be processed by debit or credit cards.